The idea of Up In Smoke Vape Shop began in September of 2011 when the domain name was registered. We grew tired of browsing ugly vapor website that were hard to use and digging through page after page of crummy, overpriced Chinese gear and higher (at best) e-liquids from overseas or e-juice that is made in a bathroom or basement. To the contrary, we wanted to offer a huge range of high quality vape products that are lower priced on an easy to use website.

We also wanted to offer a top tier customer service experience from the start of the purchase and hang on to our customers, not just make a quick buck. Since 2015, Up In Smoke Vape Shop has opened into a retail location and built a state-of-the-art juice tasting bar in which we sample our premium juice. We bring you the highest quality premium e-juice and coolest new vape devices on the market at a great price with excellent customer service. We hope you have fun using our website.